Wee Inspirations

Let ’em Rip

  1. The basic idea

    If you have a wee one who loves ripping or shredding bits of paper, turn it into temporary art. Bits of coloured paper from takeaway menus, magazines or junk mail can be sorted into colours to make shapes, mosaic pictures or even a rainbow!

  2. Over to you, wee one

    As your wee one start ripping, say “I wonder what we can do with these bits of paper?” then name different colours or shapes as you start to build your mosaic picture. Ask what shape you should make next etc., and see if your wee ones wants to join you and make their own picture.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Exploring shape and colour
    • Turns destructive behaviour into a positive
    • Ripping paper can be a great stress buster!
    • Uses up all those leaflets or magazines that would end up in the recycling anyway
  4. Variations

    • Use a plate, tray or tape on the floor to create a frame, which helps with focus
    • Glue the pieces of paper down onto a piece of paper if you want to keep the picture
    • Take a photo of the finished artwork, then have fun blowing the bits all around
  5. And remember…

    It’s not about making a beautiful piece of art all the time, the chats you have with your wee one and how you listen to them is what’s important.