Wee Inspirations

Light Painting

  1. The basic idea

    Remember writing your name in the air with a sparkler? Same idea! Download a light painting app for your phone (or set a digital SLR camera to have a long exposure) then play around with torches, glow sticks – whatever you have.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    If you have a tripod or can prop your camera somewhere safe, you can dance, twirl and play together then check out the images you’ve made. Or take turns to hold the camera and watch the other’s light painting to appear on the screen!

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • “Writing” using the whole body supports literacy skills
    • Exploring whole body movements supports development of vestibular system
    • Great STEM experience learning about light
  4. Variations

    • Build dens, explore fabrics and discover different ways to create a dark space
    • Take this idea outside to make the most of those dark winter evenings
    • Add a little imagination – are you wizards? Superheroes? Scientists?
  5. And remember…

    Pointing the light source directly at the camera will get the strongest results, but try lots of different movements and looking at the results together – surprising new images may start some really interesting conversations!