Wee Inspirations

Little Squirts

  1. The basic idea

    Give your wee one a tub of water and a squirty bath toy (or clean medicine syringe) and see how many different things it can be used for – mini water pistol, drawing on slabs, watering plants. The possibilities are endless. your small person is missing someone: Granny, Grandpa, friends or their nursery, grab a bit of paper and declare “I’M going to write to them a love letter to say how much we miss them!”

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Squirty toys take on a whole new fun when you’re not in the bath – but you probably want to be outdoors! That way wee ones get to explore ALL the possibilities without soaking anything vital.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Fine motor skills
    • Creativity – finding lots of uses for the same object
    • Doesn’t require a lot of set up or adult input
  4. Variations

    • If you have food colouring, vinegar and bicarb, try ‘Rainbow Fizz Droppers’ by #ExpectingSomething
    • Take your little squirter for a walk and leave a dribbly path to follow home
  5. And remember…

    Creativity is a process – if your wee one enjoys this idea, explore it again and again and watch as their play evolves. It’s great to join in, but its also great to give them space to explore by themselves too.

Expecting Something video