Wee Inspirations

Mandala Patterns

  1. The basic idea

    A mandala (“circle” in Sanskirt) is a circular pattern dating back as far as 400BC, used in religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. You can use natural materials, small objects or toys. Place one item in the centre, then radiate layers outwards to build concentric circles.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Chat about patterns as you build your mandala. Your wee one might want to make their own. Equally if they love jumping and spinning, you can use mandalas as inspiration and explore those patterns with your bodies.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Patterns, symmetry – numeracy
    • Learning about other cultures and religion (Hinduism, Buddhism)
    • Transitory art encourages experimentation – easy to move pieces around and change it up!
  4. Variations

    • Can you “dance” your mandala? Use your bodies to make the shapes of the objects and repeat the moves around the circle
    • Do it as a turn-taking activity, where wee ones each get a go to add something.
  5. And remember…

    Don’t spend ages building your mandala – just like a tower of blocks, your wee one may feel the urge to scatter it as soon as they see it! Deconstruction is a healthy, normal part of play.