Wee Inspirations

Messy Music

  1. The Basic Idea

    Music engages our ears, but what about our other senses! Bring some musicality to your wee ones favourite textures, adding messy play to musical instruments, or paddling pool drumming.

  2. Over to You, Wee One

    Start with their favourite: gloop, sand, water, whatever – and use some waterproof musical instruments or use your hands to explore rhythm. Say “I wonder if the noise will change if we…?” and find all the different ways you can make different noises together.

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Allows wee ones to have a full body experience with music instead of sitting still
    • Developing listening skills supports speech
    • Agency, self-expression
  4. Variations

    • If your wee ones are cautious about mess, show them you’ve thought about where you are – drumming in the bath might wreck the floor, but drumming in the paddling pool is GREAT for watering the grass!
  5. And Remember...

    Messy play can be stressful if you’re not used to it – if in doubt, take it outside, and be ready to strip everyone off and jump straight in the bath afterwards. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but the benefits of messy play are HUGE.