Wee Inspirations

Mini Worlds

  1. The basic idea

    With a little imagination, cracks in pavements, plants or rocks become their own miniature worlds. Slow down, find an interesting spot, then ask some “I wonder…” questions: I wonder who could live there? I wonder what they need?

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Listen to what your wee one adds and let them direct the story as they explore the environment. Bring small toys or figurines who can “interact” with the mini world. You can also gather some natural materials: leafs, twigs, stones, to build and add to what you’re imagining together.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Co-creation: team-work and turn-taking
    • Lets wee ones be the experts: helps them develop agency and decision-making skills
    • Adds wonder and magic to an everyday space
  4. Variations

    • Wee ones often stop to examine a specific spot or point and babble – use these great nonverbal cues to find mini worlds
    • Take close up photos when you’re outdoors and ask “I wonder” questions as you look at them together
  5. And remember…

    It’s okay to find it tricky at first – your imagination, like lots of things, needs a to be warmed up! You could start with a story with you know and change some details. Maybe Snow White lives here with the seven… robots?