Wee Inspirations

Mirror Mirror

  1. The basic idea

    Sit down with your baby or wee one in front of a mirror so they can see the reflection of their face and yours. Try pulling some funny faces or sing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as you touch the different parts of their body.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Watch your wee one’s face in the mirror and start copying the faces, movements and noises they make – you can try making them smaller or bigger, faster or slower. See what captures their attention and repeat it – just have fun!

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Social skills and sense of self
    • Bonding, tune in to each other’s expressions
    • Curiosity, wonder and fun!
    • Physical development: hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills
  4. Variations

    • Cover the mirror with a scarf and whisk it away for an alternative game of peekaboo! This can be a great opportunity for older siblings to join in.
    • Test some washable pens – mirrors can be a great canvas for mark-making or drawing!
  5. And remember…

    This doesn’t have to be a big, planned activity, take advantage of every reflective surface you pass by together to have a wee bit of fun.