Wee Inspirations

Mixed Up Air Drawing

  1. The Basic Idea

    Watch the film and talk about the graphics that appear, creating abstract shapes. Now use your finger to trace around the shapes you see.

  2. Over to You: Mix It Up!

    Once you’ve had a chance to “draw” in the air, grab some chalk and draw chalk shapes on the ground. Encourage wee ones to use their whole bodies as they move and draw. You can play the Mixed Up music in the background for even more exploration!

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Whole body movements help children understand shapes and lines
    • Great way to explore more abstract art ideas and movement at the same time
  4. Variations

    • Hold streamers or scarves as you trace shapes: this encourages large, whole body movements, and can reduce self-consciousness
    • Follow the chalk lines, use them as tightropes, dance along them – explore and enjoy!
  5. And Remember...

    These ideas are just a way to wee ones thinking about how they move their bodies and exploring different kinds of visual art. If they start creating art or making moves that head in a different direction, embrace it – it’s all inspiration!