Wee Inspirations

Orchestra of Sounds

  1. The basic idea

    Choose four objects and pretend they are buttons – when you touch or point at them, you make a different sound. Maybe teddy says “BING!” and a fork says “WHEE!” – just make sure you match the same noise to the same object each time.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    For young babies, put objects within easy reach and make the correct noise every time they touch each one. Older babies and children find it easier to point clearly when the objects are spaced out. Watch them closely – the more they play, the more you’ll see them ‘conduct’ the orchestra.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Non-verbal communication supports agency
    • Cause and effect, turn-taking, leadership
    • Exploring patterns and rhythm
    • Bonding – you really tune into your wee ones intentions and reactions
  4. Variations

    • Group game, each child makes a different noise when the ‘conductor’ points at them
    • Take turns choosing the noises in the game
    • Can you choose noises to match emotions?
    • Can you start to make patterns and rhythms?
  5. And remember…

    Babies may touch objects accidentally at first – give them space and time to get the hang of the game. And if your wee one points or touches teddy 20 times, say the same noise 20 times.