1. The Basic Idea

    Grab some big paper and some objects you don’t mind getting painty – sticks, blocks, tubs etc and start tapping a tempo or rhythm. Add squirts of paint to see what patterns emerge as you play.

  2. Over to You, Wee One

    What are different ways we can make a tempo? This could be drumming with wooden blocks or our fingers, or printing with shakers with paint or water. Put on some background music you can tap along to – favourite movie soundtracks can add some familiar drama and excitement!

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Rhythm helps build foundational skills for literacy and numeracy
    • Combines big and small movements (gross and fine motor skills)
  4. Variations

    • Use a soundscape instead of music to involve imaginative play. What rhythm do animals in the jungle create?
    • Play instruments instead of music. How do you paint or mark-make the sound of a drum?
  5. And Remember...

    See each new thing you introduce as an invitation that your wee one can say yes or no to. Start with one colour of paint and build up, and slowly introduce different props to paint with. If they say no, that’s okay – they’re making decisions!