Wee Inspirations

Scarf Kites

  1. The basic idea

    This is a great idea for a windy day – take a scarf outside and fly it like a kite! Or if there isn’t much wind, you can run around with your scarf in the air and see the different shapes and you can make as you swish and swirl around.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    For really wee ones, you might want to find thin strips of paper or ribbon they can hold in their hand as the wind whips them around. You can also try tying streamers to the pram! As soon as they’re on their feet, let them swish, run, twirl and dance to their heart’s content.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Moving bodies in unusual ways is great for developing balance and coordination
    • Understanding cause and effect
    • Exploring weather in a multisensory way
  4. Variations

    • Races and chases – try to catch someone else’s scarf/kite, or run to get somewhere
    • Try wrapping round arms, bodies and unfurling – take special care wee fingers don’t get caught/hurt and avoid necks
  5. And remember…

    This might engage your wee one for just a few seconds, or it might turn into a longer play session with imagination and dance – take the pressure off yourself and just see what happens.