Wee Inspirations

Scrap Box Costumes

  1. The Basic Idea

    Costumes can be a great way to “transform” into a character – but they don’t need to be expensive! Use different colours or textures of cloth to represent different characters in your story.

  2. Over To You, Wee One

    Wonder aloud “how could we pretend to be the characters?” as you explore the cloth together. You might end up with a furry blue gingerbread man or a sparkly cow – there are no wrong answers! Try moving with the material to bring characters to life.

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Costumes/props can give children a focus so they feel less self conscious
    • Pretend play helps develop empathy and gives wee ones opportunities to “practice” different emotions in a safe way
  4. Variations

    • How many different ways can you use one piece of cloth? Is it a blanket, a curled up cat, a river to jump over? Games like this support divergent thinking
    • Take tiny scraps of your costumes and glue them onto peg dolls to make mini versions of your characters
  5. And Remember...

    If wee ones are exploring the enveloping schema, they may need time to cover themselves with the material or wrap themselves up and their focus might not be on pretend play. Let them play they way they need to – you can find other ways to explore characters.