Wee Inspirations

Sensory Wow!

  1. The basic idea

    Go through the senses and think of sensory experiences you enjoy – it could be a smell you love, warm towels, cracking icy puddles or popping bubbles. Your challenge is to find a new way to share that WOW with your wee one.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    You know your wee one best – would they be more excited about some scented playdough if it’s wrapped up as a present, or hidden under a cloth to be revealed? Will they be more interested if you pretend the experience is just for YOU? Share your excitement, then you start playing – they’ll soon follow your lead.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Choosing something you’re genuinely enthusiastic about means your wee one is more likely to get engaged
    • Even if they don’t take you up in your offer to play, at least you get to spend five minutes exploring something you love
  4. Variations

    • Different ways of moving have sensory feelings too, e.g. jumping vs. dancing slowly. Try and incorporate some movement or dance!
    • Make use of nature’s resources! Play with moss on a tree, beach in bare feet, laying materials out beautifully or stomping through snow or leaves.
  5. And remember…

    Taking 10 minutes to become “lost” in a simple sensory experience is a great way to lower stress whether you’re three months or 93 years old. Don’t stress if your wee one doesn’t play the way you want to – it’s an offer, not a command.