Wee Inspirations

Sing What You Say

  1. The basic idea

    Has everyone stopped listening? Start singing! Singing what you need to say is a great way to help wee ones listen, whether its their name, to tell them dinner is ready, or to show how you feel.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    For young babies, singing their name for them can be a great way to build their sense of self – leave a pause so they have a chance to respond or join in. As language develops, young children often take your cue and start singing about their thoughts or feelings.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Language development
    • Singing proven to reduce stress
    • Emotional literacy
    • Takes the tension out of tricky conversations
  4. Variations

    • Sing about whatever you’re doing – putting the washing on, climbing the stairs. It doesn’t have to rhyme!
    • Sing questions and see if you get answers sung back to you
  5. And remember…

    You don’t need to be Beyoncé – it’s not about being in tune or rhyming, just varying your voice to make it fun and interesting. Embrace your inner diva and give it a go!