Wee Inspirations

The Story of Us

  1. The Basic Idea

    “I remember the very first day we met…” Wee ones love hearing stories about themselves, so tell them what you remember about them being younger: first cuddles, first laughs together, the first time you realised how much you love them.

  2. Over to You, Wee One

    Link these stories to what your wee one is currently interested in, whether it’s dancing, scribbling or bouncing – they don’t need to “sit nicely” to listen, they’ll still be taking it all in. Don’t be surprised if they want to keep hearing the same stories again and again.

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Helps develop a positive sense of self
    • Reminds you how far you’ve come and how great your wee one is
    • It’s a great way to feel grounded if you’re going through change as a family
  4. Variations

    • Grandparents, aunties, uncles, and other adults who know them and love them will have their own memories – ask them to share their “story of us” with your wee one too
    • Looking at photos together can be a great way of helping you build that positive narrative and make the stories more “real”
  5. And Remember...

    All children go through stages of needing “babied” again – it’s totally normal, especially in stressful times, or if they’re learning something new. Take the opportunity to share the memories you have of them and how much you love them.