1. The Basic Idea

    Make a tunnel with your legs, or with your hands and feet on the floor or even with a wall! You can arch your body to make a tunnel between you and the wall, or the adventurous can put their hands on the floor and walk up the wall to make a handstand tunnel.

  2. Over to You, Wee One

    See if your wee one wants to crawl, slither or slide through the tunnel you’ve created – and wonder aloud if they could make a tunnel for their friends (or toys) to go through! You’ll be amazed at all the creative ways they’ll use their bodies

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Great for developing balance and spatial awareness
    • Taking their weight on their hands is especially good for wee ones with the urge to push – they use that energy to push into the floor/wall
  4. Variations

    • Add a theme! Maybe you’re a coral reef for fish to swim among, or a tangled jungle to crawl through
    • Add some maths! Time how long they can hold each type of tunnel, or count how many different kinds of tunnel they can make in one minute
  5. And Remember...

    It can be difficult for adults to fit through tunnels made by wee bodies, or to hold a handstand – be kind to yourself! Wee ones learn about body image from adults, so use the opportunity to talk about everyone having different bodies – and that’s okay!