Wee Inspirations

Video Pass-the-Parcel

  1. The basic idea

    Does your wee one struggle to engage with videos calls? If you have relatives posting presents, ask them to make a “dummy” gift in the same wrapping paper. Set up the video call, get the relative to “throw” the present, and you can “catch” it on your end behind your wee one.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Be led by your wee ones reactions – some will be caught up in the “magic” which is wonderful, some will see the trick straight away, in which case its fine to say: “We were just pretending – do you want to pretend to throw the present to Granddad?” – just make sure the presents aren’t breakable!

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Being creative and laughing together strengthens bonding
    • Takes the stress out of video calls by trying something fun and engaging
  4. Variations

    • Hide presents around the house in advance and let your video call pal know where they are – then they can say: “Look under the table” or “What’s in Mummy’s bed?”
    • Try passing cups of tea through the screen “I wonder what the cup will look like when it reaches Granny?”
  5. And remember…

    Only try these ideas if you think everyone will be up for it, and won’t be annoyed if the “trick” doesn’t work – you’re aiming for fun and silly and a wee bit of magic, not perfection.