Wee Inspirations

Happy Stands

  1. The Basic Idea

    You might think you can’t do a handstand – but we’re here to help! Try putting your hands on the floor and “walking” your feet up the wall or furniture. Or play wheelbarrows, where you hold your wee ones legs and they walk on their hands.

  2. Over To You, Wee One

    If you sense your wee one is frustrated, find something else for them to push off – the floor, the wall or the sofa. Start with small pushes and build up until you’re upside down.

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • Helps wee ones direct the same impulse that makes them want to push things or other people
    • Good for processing stress and frustration
    • Playing with being upside down is good for developing balance and perspective
  4. Variations

    • Work together to try and build different shapes with your body: try letters for older children, or circles/squares/triangles for younger children
    • A handstand can also be a tunnel! Prop your legs on a wall, your hands on the floor and see if your wee one can get through the gap!
  5. And Remember...

    It’s not about having the perfect handstand. Even if your balance isn’t the best, playing together can help start a conversation about feelings that make them want to push. Helping wee ones redirect those feelings means they aren’t denied them, can process them and self-regulate.