Wee Inspirations

On Their Level

  1. The Basic Idea

    Get down on their level! Clear a space and get down on the floor: crawl, travel and move across the floor. Top tip: taking your shoes off together helps their mobility and gets you ready to play!

  2. Over To You, Wee One

    Try mirroring what your wee one does – it lets them be in the lead, and is a great way to get in sync with them without having to jump straight into conversation or suggesting ideas.

  3. Cheeky Bonuses

    • A great way to connect and have fun together
    • Developing listening skills
    • Building understanding of what our bodies can and can’t do – great for talking about boundaries
  4. Variations

    • Use your imagination! Maybe you’re creeping through a forest or swimming through the sea.
    • Take turns to suggest what creatures you find – can you show your best impression of a fish? Or a tiger?
  5. And Remember...

    Follow their energy – if they’re high energy, you can use faster movements, crawl around or use some rough and tumble. If you feel they need to wind down, use soft music and slower movements. A great way to wrap up play is to suggest you go to “sleep” and pretend together. When your ready to “wake up”, you’re ready for something new!