Wee Inspirations

Wrap it Up!

  1. The basic idea

    Christmas usually means a lot of cards, crackers, wrapping paper that often go in the bin! Try ripping them up to create something new.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Wee ones can play with the paper in a sensory way, sort them by colour, or blow them around to make a mini multi-coloured snowstorm! If you have older children, they can explore collage by sticking them onto paper, or even something 3D like a cardboard box.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Fine motor skills
    • Teaches wee ones to see multiple uses for the same object: problem-solving, imagination
    • Great way to re-use all the paper around at Christmas!
  4. Variations

    • Each grab a piece of paper and try to blow it over a finishing line – whoever gets it there first wins!
    • Play some Christmas music whilst you throw paper pieces up into the air. How do they feel when they scatter? Maybe older children can catch them!
  5. And remember…

    Your wee one might not want to glue the pieces down if they’ve enjoyed playing with them or throwing them. They’re still learning! Take some photographs so you can revisit the idea with them later