Babies and young children can be affected by changes in their world just as much as adults, but they don’t always have the words to express how they feel. That’s how the name of this project – Wee People, Big Feelings – came about.

In response to an approach from the Ministry of Defense, throughout 2022 artist Skye Reynolds and the wider Starcatchers team worked with families and practitioners in Scots Corner to develop a suite of creative play resources that encouraged creativity, self-expression and  emotional literacy. These resources are now available for you to download and use with your wee ones.

Below you’ll find:

  • Wee People, Big Feelings Practical Guide for Early Years Practitioners
  • Wee People Big Feelings Play Kits: themed packs of play ideas to help your wee ones get expressive!
  • Wee Inspirations: idea cards featuring no-cost, low-fuss creative play ideas you can use with your wee ones
  • Video resources for families
  • Video resources for early years practitioners

You can also download and read the full project report from Wee People Big Feelings, which details the research and findings from the year-long project.

And if podcasts are more your thing, you can hear more from Skye and Starcatchers’ Early Years Development team about Wee People Big Feelings in series three episode one of our Creative Skills podcast: The relationship between creativity and emotional literacy in early years children.

Scots Corner Early Learning and Childcare Centre

Scots Corner Early Learning and Childcare Centre opened its doors for the first time to children and families in February 2020. The new Midlothian Council setting is open all year, Monday to Friday 07.30 – 18.00, offering funded early learning and childcare places and wrap around provision for children age 2-5 years. The centre was opened in partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide early learning and childcare for both military families and the wider community.  Scots Corner ELC received funding from the MOD to work in partnership with Starcatchers and Skye on Wee People, Big Feelings.

The Ministry of Defense and Wee People Big Feelings

The MOD recognised the need for more resources that helped children and their families address the big feelings wee ones can have around deployment. While Wee People Big Feelings is a project focused on the experiences of Armed Forces families, all young children experience many different emotional cycles throughout their early years and therefore the resources here can be a benefit to many children and their families.

Project partners

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