1. What's on my bottom?

    Lie face down and close your eyes. Let your child place various household objects (festive or not) on your bottom for you to guess what they are. Silly guesses make it all the more fun!  

  2. Sleeping Giant

    Give yourself a lie down and let your wee one play at waking you up. A few snores here and there adds to the dramatic tension. Bring some character into it – perhaps you’re Santa and someone has eaten all your mince pies; or maybe you’re a very grumpy polar bear… 

  3. Decorating you

    Your wee one might love decorating the tree – but now it time to decorate you! Close your eyes, stand up or sit down, and have them hang decorations and any scarves, ribbons, or other loose items over you. Amid this busy season, this is a relaxing way to encourage multi-sensory play while giving you a bit of shut eye. If you want to go that bit further, washable felt pens are great for drawing on your bare arms, legs, and face.

  4. Shadow Show

    Let yourself be entertained! Set a lamp behind a bed sheet hanging up and encourage your wee one to make a shadow show. Children often love watching themselves back so if you have access to a phone camera, offer to film it – this is a great way for them to think a little more about how their bodies interact with light. Sit back and enjoy their art, made especially for you!  

  5. Lazy Tunnels

    Make tunnels with your arms and legs and let your wee one crawl through/under. What shapes can you make? And what ways can they tunnel through? Change position every now and then, allowing you to get a little break while they explore their body in a new and exciting way.