1. Towel tobogganing

    Sit your wee one on a tea towel and gently pull them across a smooth floor. Chat to them as you move – maybe they’re taking a ride on a sleigh or on an adventure across an icy lake. 

  2. Hiding and revealing

    Hide an object under the tea towel and build up to a big reveal as they try and guess what’s hidden. This is a great way to add value/interest to new resources & revisit old favourites… or even put nothing underneath and take turns pretending what’s inside! Maybe there’s a magic candy cane or friendly reindeer waiting underneath. 

  3. Winter creatures

    Turn your tea towel into a snowy owl and fly around the house swooping and diving. How would you make a tea towel polar bear move? Encourage your wee one to make as many creatures as possible even made-up ones count!  

  4. Tea towel trail

    Can you create a tea towel trail all around your home? Follow it, tip-toeing, and be careful not to wake a sleeping polar bear. What happens when there’s a gap – should you jump or maybe you can borrow tinsel from the tree to help 

  5. Shapes of the tea towel

    Laying out the tea towel on the floor, can you bunch corners up & fold bits over to create a new shape? What happens if you add 2 tea towels together? Can you make a Christmas picture using only tea towels?