1. Box of Wonder

    Give your child the gift of imagination! Cover a box in festive paper but leave the top loose so you can open it and leave the paper on. Say: “I wonder what’s in the box?” then mime whatever you fancy – picking up a kitten, wrapping a scarf around your neck, drinking a hot cup of cocoa

  2. Cardboard Outfits

    Wearing a cardboard box on any part of the body transforms you into a fun playful character. Perhaps you might try on some cardboard skates and twirl around the living room. What happens if wear a cardboard box as a pair of trousers or a skirt will you waddle like a penguin?  

  3. Snow Tunnel

    Use a big cardboard box, with both ends open, to make a snow tunnel. Tape, coloured pens or chalk, more boxes or some fabric would be handy extras for extending or decorating inside or out. 

  4. Sound Surprise

    Imagine every time you opened a box a funny sound happened, and it changed each time! Any size box can become a musician all it needs is you and your wee one’s festive imagination. Each time you open the lid make a soundperhaps it will be the crunch of snow or the tweet of a robin. Encourage your wee one to make their own sounds too. Is that a mouse scratching to get into the mince pies we hear?  

  5. Peek a boo box

    We all know the traditional pop the box over your head and peek out from under it but have you ever thought about cutting peek a boo doors into the box where your fingers and toes can play peek a boo. Cut shape into the box but make sure to leave a flap and then find ways you and your wee one can use your fingers and toes to play peek a boo!