1. Tear it up!

    Try ripping one sheet at a time – then two,then three, then four! Take your time and enjoy the process. Giving wee ones the opportunity to tear away is a great way to develop those fine motor skills while letting any pent-up energy out.

  2. Junk mail collage

    There’s no need for glue – lay some good-size scraps on the floor and let your junk-mail collage roam free. What festive pictures come through? Working on a large-scale “canvas” such as the floor allows wee ones to use their whole bodies in art. Tidy away and play again another day.

  3. Festive rapping

    Listen in – there’s a a festive tune to be found in every tear. Use the paper as is or make different shapes by folding and rolling it. Bring in everyday objects to see how their presence changes the sound. And, don’t forget to use your bodies! Whether you blow or scrunch or hit the junk mail – it’s an exciting way to explore how bodies can interact with physical objects and make some sweet music while doing so.

  4. Junk snowballs

    Scrunch up the junk mail into tight balls of different sizes. Using blue tack or staples, put the paper snowballs on top of each to make a snowman. Bring a little festive magic by adding eyes in pen and rolling up some more junk mail as carrot nose. If the snowmen don’t work, wee ones will also love a paper snowball fight!

  5. Transforming junk