1. Peg Puppets

    Puppetry doesn’t need any fancy materials – standard washing pegs will do! By either drawing straight on or using some paper scraps, pen, & blue tack, add a face. Spare ribbon or string can be clipped on to add a little more character to your peg. Your puppet pals are also great for some festive storytelling; have a chat with them – maybe they’re an elf on an adventure or a penguin looking for their reindeer friend! 

  2. Pick up list

    There’s plenty of tidying to do this time of year! Make it a little more fun using pegs. Can your wee one pick up any festive sweetie wrappers with pegs? Or maybe some pens, socks, and envelopes? An exciting way to get tidy while also engaging fine motor skills and the transportation schema. 

  3. Peg Presents

    Spread a little bit of festive cheer! Have your wee one make or find a gift for the outside world – maybe a drawing, some lovely ribbon, a paper snowflake, or a special leaf. Then, peg the gift to a tree or bush on your next winter walk and bring some joy to your local area.  

  4. Jewellery making

    Try clipping the pegs to each other to make a funky necklace or bracelet. Connecting and disconnecting is great for developing those fine motor skills. Wee ones can gift their jewellery to their loved ones (or themselves!). Any peg creations you don’t fancy wearing make for lovely decorations all year round. 

  5. Peg Parcels

    Wrap up an object using tin foil or an old t-shirt and use pegs to fasten it shut. Pass it over to your wee one to let them unpeg it. Bring a little bit of festive magic and develop that connecting and disconnecting schema while doing so.