1. Big Splash

    It’s time to get mucky! Have a dance, jump up and down, and spin around. Kick the water up and let it spray everywhere! Try dropping some stones and leaves and sticks in there as well and enjoy exploring how different objects play with the water in their own special way. Listen to the noises as well: try a very quiet splash, and now – try a super loud one! 

  2. Icy Fun

    Frosty weather makes for great miniature ice rinks! Put on some well-gripped shoes and try cracking the icy puddles using a stick or by stamping your feet or have a wee skate – and remember, sometimes falling over is all part of the fun. 

  3. Chalk Around

    Chalk is perfect for the outdoors, all year round. Get down low and draw around each puddle with brightly coloured chalk. What shapes do the puddles make? What happens when the chalk touches the water?  

  4. Puddle Potions

    We all love making something a little magic. On your winter walk, pick up special bits of nature – leaves, acorns, berries, sticks. Find a lovely puddle and get mixing. Have a wee chat: what does your magic puddle potion do and who (or what) may come upon it in their own winter walk? 

  5. Puddle Parcels

    The world around us is a great stimulus for stories and puddles are no different. Have a big splash around and emerge in a different world. Where are you? And where will the next puddle portal take you? This is an exciting way to enjoy movements and bring our imaginations outdoors.