1. Reindeer Races

    Put an old sock on each hand, get down on all fours, and let the slippy races begin! Socks on the head make for great reindeer antlers and a sock on the nose may actually be a very shiny red nose. Try placing light household objects on your backs – who can deliver the presents on time without them falling off? 

  2. Sock puppets

    An old favourite never misses! Bring some cheer to your sock puppets by attaching any spare festive decorations – even just the tiniest bit of tinsel. The winter months are full of joy but they can also be a little tricky for us all; taking the time to chat with your wee one using festive sock puppets can be a great way to check in with their feelings. 

  3. Sock-balls

    Old socks make for perfect play snowballs – all the fun, but a little less cold. Roll up the socks and gently toss them at your wee one. Let them throw the sock-balls back at you and feel free to hide behind furniture, household objects, or simply your own body to up the excitement levels.  

  4. Sock scenes

    Clear a space on the floor and lay out all your old socks. Begin making a festive scene and ask your wee one to guess what it is. Be inventive with the material – roll it up, twist it, overlap it. After a while, your wee one might want a turn to explore their own non-traditional mark-making while you guess the picture. 

  5. Sock Light Show

    Turn the torch on your phone and pop it inside the sock. Hover it over your wee one’s arm and see the colour from the sock projecting onto their arm. Can you create a Christmas tree with the lights?