Wee Inspirations

Same, But Different

  1. The basic idea

    Wee ones often love handing objects to adults – it’s a great way of communicating what they’re interested in. Name the object and try to match it to something the same colour, shape or texture. “That’s blue teddy – what else is blue?”

  2. Over to you, wee one

    The great thing about this idea is that is starts with an object that your wee one is already interested in. Once they’re on their feet they might want to start matching things with you, and you can set each other challenges – just see what interests them.

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Exploring shape, texture and colour
    • Great for language development and extending conversations
    • Supports numeracy and literacy skills
  4. Variations

    • Take favourite objects outside and try to find similar colours in nature or on your walk
    • Make it a photo challenge! Take photos of similar objects/colours together
    • Involve older siblings and turn it into a treasure hunt to find matching objects
  5. And remember…

    This doesn’t have to be a pre-planned activity, you can slip the idea of matching colours, shapes and textures into everyday chats withyour wee one.