1. You've been framed

    Make some outdoors transient art! Use sticks to create a frame, then gather some items to place inside it. You can using natural materials, small toys and move them around inside the frame to create something constantly changing!

  2. Street Beats

    Sticks are a great way to play with sound.Run them along a fence, use them to hit or tap different surfaces. What sound do they make? Together you can build a rhythm!

  3. Big Stick Picture

    Tape a felt tip pen or paint brush onto the end of a stick to make a gross motor creative experience. You can mark-make on large pieces of paper, or use water to draw on surfaces like concrete or sand.

  4. Ribbon Sticks

    Once you’ve painted your big stick picture, you could cut it into long sections, or use some tissue paper, to create your own ribbon sticks. Take your stick on a walk, a dance, or see how it move around with the wind!

  5. Hobby Horse