‘My daughter wants to dance…’

15 May 2019

The expressive arts are still viewed as an add-on in our society instead of an integral part of our humanity, and that’s why it’s still far too easy to take them away, according to former Director of Imaginate and Creative Producer of Lyra, Tony Reekie.

Responding to Starcatchers’ call to ensure every baby and child can find inspiration through the arts, Tony Reekie reflects on his own daughter’s passion for dancing and how, in austerity-hit local authorities across the UK, dance, music and other subjects deemed non-essential are often the first to be sidelined.

He believes every child has multiple intelligences and that the expressive arts “offer opportunities for developing some of the most essential qualities and skills for the 21st Century: creativity; critical thinking; problem solving; flexibility; judgement and emotional intelligence”.

He’s calling for policies and a system of funding which recognises the arts as essential, and ensures they truly are at the heart of all we do.

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