Wee Inspirations

Action Painting

  1. The basic idea

    Combine visual art with moving your whole body! Rolls of paper taped together, tarpaulins or old bedsheets can make a large “canvas” – then throw, blow, clap or sprinkle powder paint (or coloured cornflour) as you dance, twirl, jump etc.

  2. Over to you, wee one

    Dress them in old clothes and let them get messy and explore – dancing through handfuls of colour in the air (or in their hair) is just as valid as decorating the canvas. Admire how different movements make certain marks but don’t labour the point – be led by their interests!

  3. Cheeky bonuses

    • Colour mixing, exploring textures etc.
    • Great for engaging wee ones at different ages and stages with a sense of wonder
    • Combines gross motor skills (e.g. dancing) and fine motor control (e.g. pinching powder)
  4. Variations

    • Use empty water squirters to ‘blow’ the colour around, or to add water and watch the changes
    • Explore grass, sand, mud or concrete as your canvas. Can you use water or sticks to make your art? Or eco-friendly paint?
  5. And remember…

    If you normally get stressed about mess, reframe this and think of your wee one as the canvas – the more colourful they are by the end, the more art they’ve made! If you want to record what they’ve done take lots of photos.