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Expecting Something works with new and expectant parents, 25 years and under, and their babies, from birth to 2 years, providing a weekly safe artist-led creative activity for the parents and their wee ones. Our group meets every Thursday in the community garden of Whale Arts Centre in Wester Hailes and includes free healthy snacks and hot drinks.

The sessions are led by visual artist Katy Wilson who loves to create fun and relaxed play-spaces for adults and babies to enjoy together. The content is shaped by the interests of the little ones and their grown-ups and sessions cover many different art-forms including performance, painting, sculpture, woodland crafts, music, creative movement and puppetry.

As well as the regular sessions there are opportunities to visit and engage with cultural activities in their area. We hope that Expecting Something creates a bridge for participants to connect and understand that they can contribute positively to their local community.

We aim to empower these young parents – boosting their confidence, forging new relationships and developing strong bonds with their babies through regular and continued contact with arts and creativity.

If you, or anyone you know, are aged 25 or under with a little one from bump to 2 years, then why not come along to one of our sessions. If you would like more information, join the group online or attend our outdoor sessions, please contact us.

I have attended many baby groups since my little boy was born and Expecting Something has been my favourite. The way they care and interest you and your little one and have so much fun whilst learning is absolutely amazing, and I am very thankful to have come along

Expecting Something participant

Expecting Something has been amazing for the young mums that I work with…We have referred lots of parents to the group, all absolutely love it. The sessions they do are incredible, the mums and babies/toddlers have all gained a lot out of attending and it has inspired their creativity as well as confidence.

Claire McGeary Communities and Family unit, Gate 55

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Project History

Building on Starcatchers’ previous experience of delivering engagement projects with vulnerable children and families, Expecting Something provided a creative intervention to build skills, confidence and self-esteem in young parents and their babies through engaging in an ongoing programme of arts and creative activities. Through the process, young parents were encouraged to develop their own social capital and in turn improve the life chances of their babies.

Over the course of 9 months, 3 blocks of 10 weekly sessions were undertaken and led by two Starcatchers Associate Artists. Sacha Kyle led the first two blocks and Hazel Darwin-Edwards led the final 10-week block. They undertook the delivery of weekly creative activity sessions working with the young parents to develop a programme that was both exciting and relevant.

The project worked with a total of 60 young adults and 30 babies over the period of 9 months. Activities were not restricted to particular art forms but were driven by the needs of the young parents and the activities they felt were of most interest to them and their babies.

By involving the young parents in the decision making process, Expecting Something gave participants a mechanism to express their views and needs as young adults who are faced with a range of barriers in achieving their life goals. Furthermore, the programme offered other benefits, including understanding the importance of play and creativity in early development and encouraging the young parents to try experiences they would not normally participate in.