Up and down was an interactive online theatrical experience for children under 5 and their grown-ups near and far.

12 extended families ventured to the colourful world of Troggle and Mira for a magical online theatrical experience. They’re best friends who live apart – one deep underground, one high in the sky – but they still share treasures, snacks and adventures together.

Thank you so much! That was fantastic! Perfectly pitched, really lovely idea and beautifully delivered. 

Audience Member

Starcatchers sought 12 extended families who were unable to meet up physically to take part in an online, inter-generational theatrical experience for children under 5.

During lockdown, many children were missing key adults in their lives, particularly grandparents, and grandparents were missing grandchildren. Sometimes those video calls fall short! 

Charlotte Allan and EmmaClaire Brightlyn from Ipdip Theatre explored whether a shared, fun and creative experience that both the adults and young children can focus on as part of a video call could help the connections be more meaningful for everyone involved. 

This work was part of Starcatchers’ Big Inspirations project, exploring ways of connecting with and inspiring young children whilst they are at home with their families. It was funded through Starcatchers’ artist development programme Playspace.