1. If your wee one...

    • Loves spinning around on the spot
    • Is fascinated by spinning the wheels of toy cars or toy steering wheels
    • Keeps twirling the taps to turn the water on
    • Makes swishy circles in their food, or paint, or anything they can get their hands on

    They’re not being “naughty” – they’re exploring the rotation schema

    Schemas are patterns of repeated behaviours which children engage in. They are a crucial part of development and learning. Here are some ideas can help channel their interest.

  2. 1. Spinning

    This is one of the most common ways that wee ones engage in the rotating schema, but why not take it a little further by involving some props? Scarves are great for encouraging movement.

  3. 2. Patterns

    Mandalas are circular patterns that rotate outwards from a centre point. Gather objects together and make it as small or large as you like. If you leave space between the layers your wee one may enjoy following the different circles within the design, or they may want to stand in the middle and spin.

  4. 3. Water

    Floating plastic balls or bowls in water gives loads of opportunities for spinning! If you use metal bowls with a stick, this is also a great way to explore making music and exploring sound together. Explore this as part of bath time, or if you’re worried about your bathroom getting splashed, take the fun outside.

  5. 4. Light Painting

    This works the same way as trying to write your name with a sparkler on bonfire night! Download a free light painting app on a smartphone and move around holding torches to create amazing digital art. You can make twirling shapes or for older children try writing some letters.

  6. 5. Slow down

    For babies, or wee ones who need some quiet time, explore tracing circles and spirals on their back or tummies, and invite them to do the same to you. This is a great way to practice gentle touch.